The program for the Nordic Forum will consist of three parts: the Nordic main Program, the Arena program and a open program. In the festival arena that will be built around Malmö Arena and MalmöMässan you will find a literature stage, feminist cinema, young feminists corner, activist corner, peace tent, forum theatre, open stages.

The Arena program

The Arena’s main stage plays host to all your favourites: leading academics and politicians, activists, debaters, performers and stars from cultural circles will all appear. Their short, sharp and passionate presentations will demonstrate how women’s rights and gender equality are being pushed forward. The ceremonial opening, opening show and closing ceremony will also be held here.

The Nordic program

This part of the program is Nordiskt Forum’s ideological core. Here, we will go into depth and analyse the Nordic as well as global challenges with CEDAW and the Beijing Platform for Action as our starting points. Here, we will formulate clear demands and requests to go into the final document that we will hand over to representatives of the Nordic governments and parliaments on the last day of the forum.

The Open program

You can choose from hundreds of program activities in the open program and you will meet all the people who work in different ways to improve gender equality. Here, civil society organisations, government authorities, universities, unions, municipalities, companies, activist networks and other parties will organise workshops, seminars, mingle sessions or panel discussions on feminism and gender equality.

The festival area

The whole area around Malmö Arena Malmö Exhibition is a vibrant festival area with exciting activities for those who want to look around among exhibitors, listening to debates and conversations or eating good food. You’ll find areas for the performing Arts, feminist cinema, music and dance. You can visit literature scenes, participate in WIKImarathon or take part of speakers corner. Are you interested in organizing a cultural activity in the program or at the area around Malmö Arena? Please send an email to
On Saturday, June 14, 2014, there will be organized a big party in the city of Malmö!

This are twelve themes of the forum

Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 is geared towards representatives of the women´s movement, activists, organizations, groups, political parties, private sector, authorities, the general public and other stakeholders primarily in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland. The conference is characterized by each participant’s involvement and active contribution with discussions on the themes. These themes are based on the Beijing Convention and therefore builds the main program in the Nordic Forum Malmö 2014 around 12 per below themes:

  • Feminist economy – economic and social development
  • Women’s and Girls’ bodies – sexuality, reproductive rights and health
  • Women in the workplace, equal pay, education and career
  • Violence against women and girls
  • Environment, climate and sustainable development
  • Care work and welfare society
  • Peace and security
  • Political participation and development
  • Gender mainstreaming and gender equality in organizations
  • Feminism in the future in the Nordic region and the organization of women’s movement
  • Asylum and migration
  • New technologies and media