Welcome to Malmö

We are pleased and proud that Nordiskt Forum has chosen Malmö as its host city.

We look forward to heightened debate and discussion and to the formulation of new feminist demands.

The Women’s Movement has played an extremely important role in the progress of gender equality in Sweden and still plays a central role in further reducing gender injustices and increasing gender equality.

Gender equality issues are important in Malmö. Here, gender equality work is an extensive part of all of our activity, in regards to the municipality as an employer as well as a service-provider to the citizens of Malmö. We have a stated goal of Malmö being at the forefront of gender equality. In Malmö, we have shown that gender equality is concrete and touches on everything from allocating training times in our facilities fairly between boys and girls, focusing on equal pay, our treatment of the elderly in care, to what conditions we create for our children in preschool.

We want gender equality to be moved even further up on the agenda, and this is where Nordiskt Forum and the Women’s Movement play an important role. We look forward to great days with you in June 2014 and we would like to give you all a warm welcome to Malmö.



Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (S)
Kommunstyrelsens ordförande
Martina Nilsson (V)