The big list of speakers coming to Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014

Find all the participating speakers here!


Below you will find the former speaker list:

Ritt Bjerregaard (DK), former EU Commissioner, former minister
Hanne Helth (DK), Danish March 8-network
Leonora Christina Skov (DK), author and literary critic at Weekendavisen
Sanne Søndergaard (DK), stand-up comedian and writer
Dorit Otzen (DK), Reden Internationals EXIT program
Raewyn Connell (AUSTRALIA), sociologist and men’s studies researcher
Gail Dines (USA), professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies
Prudence Mabele (SOUTH AFRICA), HIV- activist and expert, founder of Positive Women’s Network, board member of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and the National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS of South Africa (NAPWA)
Michael Kimmel (USA), sociologist, editor-in-chief of the magazine Men and Masculinities, spokesperson for the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)
Gunhild Stordalen (NO), doctor/PhD, chairperson of the Stordalen Foundation, environmental activist
Gerd Kristiansen (NO), chairperson of the Norwegian LO (Confederation of Trade Unions)
Berit Ås (NO), former politician and professor
Hannah Wozene Kvam (NO), artist, writer and slam poet
Asta Busingye Lydersen (NO), musical theatre performer, actor and writer
Monica Ifejilika (NO), performer, songwriter and music journalist
Marte Michelet (NO), journalist at Dagbladet
Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (ISL), the world’s first democratically elected female head of state, Iceland’s first female president

Guðrún Jónsdóttir (ISL) spokeswoman for Stígamót
Sofi Oksanen (FI), author
Elisabeth Rehn (FI), former Minister of Defence, Minister of Equality Affairs and presidential candidate
Eva Biaudet (FI), Finnish Finland’s Minority Ombudsman
Tiina Rosenberg (FI+SWE), professor of Theatre Studies, Rector of the University of the Arts Helsinki
Anna Serner (SWE), CEO, Swedish Film Institute
Parvin Ardalan (Iran/SWE), journalist and civil rights activist
Charlotte Petri Gornitzka (SWE), Director General of Sida
Claes Borgström (SWE), lawyer and former Equality Ombudsman
Ali Esbati (SWE), director of the Norwegian Manifest Analyse
Tomas Gunnarsson (SWE),journalist and photographer, runs the blog Genusfotografen (The Gender Photographer)
Carolyn Hannan (SWE), former Director of the Division for the Advancement of Women
Maria Hemström Hemmingsson (SWE), Delegation for Gender Equality in Working Life
Astrid Johansson (SWE), pupil, Tuna School, Luleå
Devrim Mavi (SWE), editor-in-chief of the trade union magazine Hotellrevyn
Birgitta Ohlsson
(SWE), EU Minister
Gudrun Schyman (SWE), spokesperson for Feminist Initiative
Sissela Nordling Blanco (SWE), spokesperson for Feminist Initiative
Maria Sveland (SWE), author and journalist
Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson (SWE), Chairperson of LO (the Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Margot Wallström (SWE), Diversity Director at Postcode Lottery, former First Vice President of the European Commission, former Special UN Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict
Annika Winsth (SWE), Chief Economist for Nordea
Alice Bah-Kuhnke (SWE), Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs
Anna-Klara Bratt (SWE), editor-in-chief of Feministiskt Perspektiv
Tomas Wetterberg (SWE), chairperson of Män för Jämställdhet (Men for Gender Equality)
Yvonne Hirdman (SWE), professor of History
Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, chairperson of the Malmö city executive board
Lena Ag (SWE), Secretary General of Kvinna till Kvinna
Lise Bergh (SWE), Secretary General for Amnesty International (swedish section)
Marie Trollvik (SWE),program director of gender equality affairs, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR)
Alexandra Pascalidou, journalist and author