Press accreditation

Press accreditation is registered via the same system as the registration for all other visitors to Nordiskt Forum. The system is in English.

Please note! On the registration home page, there is a box with important information that reads, among other things: “Your registration will not be confirmed until we have received your payment in full.” This does not concern members of the press/media. All journalists/photographers etc naturally have free access.

Below is a short explanation on how to receive your accreditation.

• The first step is called “Participant information”. Here, you enter your name, phone number, e-mail address, your company and your work address.

• Step two, “Billing address”, is not relevant for press members. Select Next.

• Under “Registration information”, select the Press box.

• The fourth step is called “Registration”. Here, you fill in whether you are a journalist, a photographer or the like, a client, your website and if you have any specific technical requirements.

• You then have the option to book a hotel room. Skip this step if you are not interested.

• Finally, you will be given a summary of your accreditation. If everything is correct, you can accept it and you will see a confirmation that your accreditation is completed. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail at the address provided.


You pick up your card at the press information desk that is next to Malmö Arena’s main entrance. Remember to bring a valid press pass or the equivalent.Click here to begin your accreditation



CLICK HERE to begin your accreditation