Nordiskt Forum in numbers

200 organisations were behind the event.



Nearly 20 000 visitors

7000 conference tickets issued

Participants from 50 countries



426 program events

1 084 speakers

67 cultural acts. 38 of the 67 cultural acts were imbedded into the conference’s speaking program while 29 cultural acts were freestanding and completely separate program events.

80 percent of the conference program consisted of the open program. In the open program, external organisers could present their own program events.

280 organisations, associations, government agencies, companies, universities and other actors participated in the open program.

45 program events were organised by Nordiskt Forum.

182 free program events


The exhibition hall

130 exhibitions at MalmöMässan

111 exhibitors



900 news clips on Nordiskt Forum in the Nordic region

843 press clips in Sweden during the period 1 April to 1 July 2014

Media exposure of Nordiskt Forum equivalent to SEK 55 million (1 June – 20 June)

16 000 copies of the Nordiskt Forum program were distributed in the Nordic region.

Over 7000 people have browsed the program in PDF-format

400 000 insert programs were distributed with the newspapers Sydsvenskan and City.

Over 18 400 tweets and retweets with the hashtag #nf2014 were registered between 12 and 19 June.

1 982 Instagram pictures and videos with the hashtag #nf2014 were registered between 12 and 19 June.


The hashtag #nf2014 was No. 9 on the trend list in Sweden on Friday 13 June.

1 100 viewing hours spent on Bambuser’s live broadcasts were registered on 15 June.

1 377 Tweets have been produced in one year.

1 786 Twitter followers

5 287 likes on Facebook noted up until July 2014

The reach is equal to the number of people who see a post. The post about Solveig Horne’s participation in Nordiskt Forum had a reach of over 4.8 K, around 4 800 people saw the post.

The news about Adée singing the NF-song had a reach of 4.6 K, around 4 592 people saw the post.

17 000 unique visitors to during the period 11-15 June.

76 000 page views for


During Nordiskt Forum, the Web delivered news in Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and English.

The Nordiskt Forum editorial staff consisted of 40 people (web, social media and photographers) during the period 12-15 June.

3 302 Youtube screenings of the film about Nordiskt Forum