Contribute to the final document of Nordiskt Forum

The 200 women’s organisations behind Nordiskt Forum have, through their umbrella organisations, worked out a draft of the final document together.

Everyone – individuals and organisations alike – is welcome to contribute comments and new proposals.

The Nordic women’s movement’s proposals for the final document of Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 – New Action on Women’s Rights can be read here.


The process surrounding the final document

During Nordiskt Forum’s closing ceremony, a final document will be handed over to the Nordic gender equality ministers and the head of UN Women. This document is a declaration of intent for the future based on Nordiskt Forum’s 12 themes.

All those who are linked to an organisation, work with or are just interested in feminism and gender equality have the opportunity to contribute comments and new proposals to the draft using the form below.

Those who take part in Nordiskt Forum will also have the opportunity to make their voices heard during the seminars in the Nordic Program. At every Nordic program seminar taking place on the Thursday and Friday, there will be rapporteurs on hand to collect ideas and concrete proposals for the final document.

A text committee consisting of representatives of the Nordic umbrella organisations will continually consider all the ideas that come in and compile the final document in Malmö.

Instructions for the form

In order to facilitate the text committee’s work and to increase your chances of getting your particular demands into the final document, we ask you to follow the instructions below carefully.


1. Fill in the organisation you represent, if any, plus your name and e-mail.

2. Pick a theme. The document has 12 themes and you can only comment on one theme at a time. Once you have submitted new proposals for a theme, you will be able to add comments on other themes.

3. Your proposal must relate directly to the existing text. You cannot leave general comments or more generally worded posts.

4. In the “Comment” section, formulate your text as you wish it to appear in the final document.

5. Specify exactly where in the text you would like your comment to be inserted and if something else should be deleted.

6. If you would like to explain why you want to include this comment or argue for your suggestion, you should do so in the section entitled “Background to comment.”

7. When you have completed your comment(s), you will receive a confirmation message to the email address you provide. Save this confirmation! There, you will find important information that you need should you want to go in and change or add anything afterwards.
The form for submitting your comment can be found here


Submit your ideas by 4 June.

A text committee appointed by the organisers of Nordiskt Forum will consider all comments.

Submitting an idea does not guarantee that your particular text will be included in the final document.

Thank you for making your voice heard and for being a part of the efforts to strengthen women’s rights and gender equality.
See you in Malmö!