Nordiskt Forum wants everyone to be able to participate on equal terms as much as possible. Below, you will find answers to common questions about accessibility. Have you not found an answer to your question? Contact us!

Is the program accessible to me if I need sign language interpreting?

All of the events in the Arena Program are sign-interpreted into Swedish sign language. Other program events are sign-interpreted if the organisation responsible for the event books an interpreter. Each sign-interpreted event will be indicated with hand-sign in the printed program and the online program.

Do you require deaf-blind interpreting or other interpreting services? Do you require sign interpreting into a language other than Swedish?

Contact Nordiskt Forum’s secretariat and we will try to accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

Are all the premises equipped with hearing loops?

All of the seminar room and stages are fitted with hearing loops. The loop covers both the stage and seating area. The loop does not necessarily reach each seat. Ask a volunteer on site to find out which rows of seats are covered.

How is the sound environment in the exhibition area?

You might find the exhibition area to be too bustling and it can be an uncomfortable sound environment. The program will take place on several open scenes. In order to keep the noise level down, exhibitors are asked not to use voice amplifiers in the exhibition area without special permission. The maximum acceptable volume in the exhibition booths is 70dBA.

As a wheelchair user, will I be able to move around freely in the area?

All of the seminar premises and exhibition areas are adapted for wheelchair users. In some places, the elevators are not located directly adjacent to the stairs. See the overview map for more information or ask any of the volunteers on site.

Can I go to Nordiskt Forum if I have allergies?

Since the forum area is free and open to all, we cannot guarantee that it will be a perfume-free environment suitable for allergy sufferers nor can we know what the forum participants will eat. We encourage all of the participants to be considerate of those of us who are sensitive to scents and to avoid using strong scents during the conference. Naturally, there will be perfume-free soap in all the restrooms. We also encourage you to avoid peanuts and other highly allergenic products when you are in closed rooms such as the seminar rooms.

Is the conference material available in other formats?

A number of copies of the shortened program in Braille will be available at the information desks at the conference. Contact us if you would like to have a copy sent to you before the conference. We also recommend that you use audio synthesis via your smartphone to access the program on our website. Contact us if you require material in another format, such as DAISY.

Is there food for those with special dietary needs?

The conference ticket does not include food or drink. There is a very wide selection of cafés, restaurants and food stalls inside Malmö Arena, Malmömässan, at Hyllie Square and inside the Emporia shopping centre. All the establishments inside Malmö Arena offer ecological, vegetarian food.

I need to be accompanied by my guide. Must the guide buy a ticket?

No, guides are naturally allowed in for free. However, this individual must be registered. Send an e-mail to