Booking a larger stand at MalmöMässan

Nordiskt Forum can now offer your organisation an additional opportunity to present your activities and to be highly visible at Nordiskt Forum! We will build an exhibition area at MalmöMässan, right next to our seminar premises.

Here, visitors will see an area bursting with activity. As an exhibitor, you will have the unique opportunity to meet visitors face to face and establish many interesting connections. Apart from the activities presented in the stands, we want to be able to offer cultural activities, stage performances and the chance for visitors to have informal conversations over a cup of coffee. All of this to create a vibrant and interactive exhibition. Everyone is welcome to the exhibition, whether you have a ticket or not, so we expect crowding in the aisles!

In order to make the area as uniform as possible, the stand is equipped with the basic fittings that include floor space, white walls, a carpet, power sockets and 1 spotlight/3m2. You are welcome to order additional furniture and fixtures from MalmöMässan’s product catalogue or to bring your own furnishings.

The stand area including the basic fittings costs 3300kr/m2 excluding VAT and you decide how many square metres you would like, but the minimum size is 6 m2.

Does a stand sound like a good option for your organisation? Send an e-mail to Pernilla Rönde at and she will contact you to find the best solution for your particular organisation.