Nordiskt Forum Final Document

Today at the Closing Ceremony, the Nordic Ministers of Equality will be given the Final Document, which contains a number of demands and recommendations.

Through the document, the Nordic women’s movement wants to remind the Nordic...

Closing Ceremony: free entry!

In 15 minutes, the Closing Ceremony starts. Entry is free, so no Conference Pass is needed.

Please note that, for security reasons, suitcases are not permitted in the Arena. These may be stored by the Information Desk in the foyer.

Catherine Mackinnon: “Prostitution is not a choice”

Prostitution is the oldest form of oppression, and is not a free choice. 

Panel on equal pay: majority in favour of more paternal leave

A party debate on Sunday morning in the Arena considered the subject of equal pay. The panel comprised Annie Lööf (Centre Party), Ylva Johansson (Social Democrat Party), Jonas Sjöstedt (Left Party), Maria Arnholm (Liberal Party), Åsa Romson (Green Party), Penilla Gunther (Christian Democrat Party) and Jessica Polfjärd (Moderate Party).

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The fourth and final day of the Nordiskt Forum, but there is still plenty to see and do,

In the Arena, there are speeches and discussions as follows:

Arena, 10.00: Watch, read, share, like – the role of media, social media and the...

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