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Equality reduces violence

A well-filled Södergran hall this morning was the scene of a seminar on the theme of violence against women and girls. The main focus of the panel was on the current situation in the Nordic region. Continue reading

Knowledge is power

Olga Persson starts the seminar Women’s and Girls’ Bodies – Sexuality, Health and Reproductive Rights, by talking about how the lack of knowledge and training regarding women’s and girls’ sexuality and health is a major problem, and all panel members agreed. Continue reading

Unpaid and invisible – care work and the welfare society

Petra Brylander, theatre manager at Malmö stadsteater, starts the seminar by reciting a scene from the play Ottar och Kärleken, written by Gunilla Thorgren (in the background).

Unpaid work is rately seen and is not valued by society. The vast majority of unpaid workers are women, which makes unpaid care work a burning equality issue discussed by Nordic researchers and politicians. How can we make unpaid work visible and ensure it is valued? This was the central issue for the participants. Continue reading

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Equality through work

The Swedish Minister for Finance Anders Borg has just left the stage after the Winnet seminar Labour Market on Equal Terms. Judging by the audience reaction, there could be no doubt about people’s awareness of, engagement in and frustration regarding the segregated labour market. But before the audience had its turn, Borg did what he does best – flicking enthusiastically through his PowerPoint slides showing surplus goals, tax revenues and active stabilisation policies. Continue reading