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Another packed programme at the Nordiskt Forum, which is now moving into its third day.

The Nordic Programme component has now ended, and the Arena Programme today contains many interesting features on various aspects of feminism and the women’s movement. Don’t miss, for example, Maria Sveland, Marte Michelet and Birgitta Ohlsson talking about the politics of hate, or the extended speeches by Cynthia Enlow, Amina Wadud and Catherine MacKinnon.

Many other activities are taking place in the Exhibition Centre.

So much to choose from, so much going on! If you are in the Malmö/Öresund region, come and join us! Some of the events require a Conference Pass or a Day Ticket, but many events are free. No registration needed – just turn up!

If you can’t make it, watch our live transmissions, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or follow our news feed on the website.

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Women needed in peace processes

“The systematic violence against women as a war strategy reflects a general culture of violence,” says Dóra Árnosdóttir, Icelandic journalist and moderator of a Nordic discussion on peace and security.

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