Antiracism and feminism have many political colours

On the Parks open stage, Rossana Dinamarca (Left Party), Marie Hagberg (independent) and Anna Steele (Moderate Party) held an interesting debate on the issue “Do antiracism and feminism have a political colour?” The debate was intensive – not surprising when the opposite poles of Swedish politics share a stage. Right and left have different points of departure, and the discussion often reflected this.

The Left Party and the Moderate Party may have widely contrasting views on capitalism, communism and Sweden’s development in the past eight years, but the panel members agreed that patriarchy is the major problem, and that women must take more space. There was also consensus that racism is not only represented by the Sweden Democrats, it is something that permeates our entire society. It is a problem that we must work harder on.

In conclusion, Marie formulated the common view: “We must work with antiracism and feminism together, and co-operate across party boundaries. We must tackle the issue on a broad front if we are to be able to counteract the negative trends we see today,”

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