Equality reduces violence

A well-filled Södergran hall this morning was the scene of a seminar on the theme of violence against women and girls. The main focus of the panel was on the current situation in the Nordic region. Horror stories of violence and rape in the home were just some of the issues raised by Karin Svensson in her introductory speech.

“It’s not about a few individual men who do wrong – it’s more about that something needs to be changed in society.”

During the question and answer session, a lively discussion quickly developed between the audience and the panel. One question from the floor that raised a lot of interest was why not more is being done to stop violence against women and children.

There is a lot of research taking place in the field, and politically there is a strong desire to put a stop to violence against women… but there is also opposition.

“There are strong laws in Sweden and in the Nordic region, but they are implemented wrongly,” says Karin Svensson, Sweden.
“Everyone in the Nordic region thinks that rape is wrong, but the discussion on the subject usually focuses on something else, such as, how to define rape.

“Violence and threats of violence prevent women from taking their place in society,” says Tove Smaadahl, Norway. “Research shows there is less violence in societies with greater equality.”

The theme of violence against women and children continues this evening in another seminar, at 18.00 in the Södergran hall.

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