A good climate for women

People who are being hit hardest by climate change are the poor. And because the majority of these people are women, it is women who will be most affected by climate change.

Participants in the seminar Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development feel that a lot of work is needed at political level to change the gender perspective in the work to tackle climate change.

“We must all take responsibility in electing the right politicians so that they can make the necessary changes,” says Danish gender scientist, Charlotte Kirkegaard.

She also feels that more women are needed in climate research.

“Women know what changes they want to see, and so it is important that there are women in influential positions.”

Tarja Cronberg, European MP for the Finnish Green Party, says that more research and work on climate change will generate new jobs. She also says that if climate change is not tackled differently, it will primarily affect the world’s women.

“Climate change will exacerbate conditions in many parts of the world, which may lead to more conflicts. And it is clear that women are hit hardest in vulnerable areas,” she says.

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